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Bringing you a Dose of the Libra Psyche! She's just here focusing on the Libra zodiac, celebrating Libra traits, supporting Libra personalities and connecting everyone born under the Libra sign. Combining real life humor + astrology for the Libra is what it's all about!

Real Name: Tara Deal
Birthday: 9/27

Tara is the content curator behind the popular astrology meme account @thatlibrachic, which combines real life, humor + astrology. Tara's interest in Astrology grew after being gifted a Linda Goodman's Sun Sign book and coming to the realization that she was a Libra sun at the tender age of 12. Ever since, her curiosity about astrology and how the stars categorize the personalities and traits of others grew into and became one of her main hobbies.

Her main goal now is to help other Libra individuals realize how unique and special they are, while guiding them into celebrating their own unique libra identities, traits and interests. In addition to astrology, which is her passion, Tara is also a professional graphic designer/digital marketer, e-commerce superstar now turned author, with her new ebook Libras In Love available on and right here on, so, don't forget to go and get your copy!

Other than that, Tara enjoys networking, good food, great company, fine wine, dining, music, anything design, travel and is always coming up with pet projects and she loves creating something out of nothing! 

that libra chic tara deal

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that libra chic Featured by affiliates of FOX CBS and NBC
That Libra Chic Featured by affiliates of FOX CBS and NBC
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